Yellow Fever

What is Yellow Fever?

Yellow fever is a serious disease caused by the yellow fever virus. It is found in certain parts of Africa and South America. Yellow fever is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito. It cannot be spread person to person by direct contact.

People with yellow fever disease usually have to be hospitalized. Yellow fever can cause:

  • fever and flu-like symptoms
  • jaundice (yellow skin or eyes)
  • bleeding from multiple body sites
  • liver, kidney, respiratory and other organ failure
  • death (20% – 50% of serious cases)

Yellow Fever Vaccination

Yellow fever vaccine can prevent yellow fever.

Yellow fever vaccine is given only at designated vaccination centers. After receiving the yellow fever vaccine you will be given a stamped and signed “International Certificate of Vaccination” (yellow card). This certificate becomes valid 10 days after vaccination and is good for 10 years. You will need the International Certificate of Vaccination card as proof of vaccination to enter certain countries. Travelers without proof of vaccination could be given the vaccine upon entry or be detained for up to 6 days to make sure they are not infected.

Another way to prevent yellow fever is to avoid mosquito bites by:

  • staying in well-screened or air-conditioned areas,
  • wearing clothes that cover most of your body, using an effective insect repellent, such as those containing DEET.

Yellow fever vaccine is a live, weakened virus. It is given as a single shot.  Yellow fever vaccine may be given at the same time as most other vaccines.

Who should get a yellow fever vaccine?

Persons 9 months through 59 years of age traveling to or living in an area where risk of yellow fever is known to exist, or traveling to a country with an entry requirement for the immunization.

Laboratory personnel who might be exposed to yellow fever virus or vaccine virus.

Those who have been vaccinated with yellow fever, should not donate blood for 14 days following the vaccination, because there is a risk of transmitting the vaccine virus through blood products during that period.(Resource CDC VIS 03/30/11)

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