Worried About A Child Traveling Overseas? These 3 Things Will Calm Your Fears

So you’ve just found out that your son or daughter is going to spend next semester studying abroad. How exciting! And pretty much immediately I bet the excitement wore off and you started to worry. Though your kids are technically adults and living out of the house, it’s likely you’ll spend the rest of your […]

4 Vaccine Preventable Diseases From Bugs & Animals

Part of the adventure of world travel is encountering new and exotic animals and bugs.  However, these new experiences are also what can put travelers at risk. In this blog, read about the vaccines you need to protect yourself against diseases you can get from bugs and animals. Whether you’re hiking through the jungle or […]

3 Ways Yellow Fever Can Be Transmitted

During the summer, many churches and youth groups go on mission trips. Two popular mission areas are Africa and Central and South America. One thing those two different places have in common is the high risk of yellow fever. In this blog, read about how humans can transmit the disease. Yellow fever is a disease […]

4 Reasons To Get Your Yellow Card

Did you know that the yellow fever vaccine is a necessity when traveling to some countries? Since there is a shortage right now, it’s imperative you plan well for your trip. In this blog, read about the importance of getting a yellow fever vaccine. Summer is a popular time for many people to take a […]

Get Your “Yellow Card” At International Travel Care

For those of you who have used International Travel Care’s services, you know the value that we add to the safety and fun of your next vacation.  However, it can be a little difficult to describe who we are to friends and family that wonder why you don’t just go to your regular physician. International […]

Vaccinations for Students Traveling Abroad

Yellow Fever and Typhoid are real threats when traveling abroad.  Even if you are traveling for a short vacation, you should still take precaution as even short term travelers are vulnerable.  Students traveling abroad are at the most risk due to prolonged exposure and should take precaution against yellow and typhoid fever.  Participating in a semester […]