TDaP Protects Your Loved Ones During The Holidays

There are certain family members that are at a higher risk of getting sick over the holidays than others.  It’s important to protect your loved ones when they are suddenly exposed to illnesses that they normally wouldn’t encounter.  In this blog, read about the importance of vaccinating and protecting at-risk family members. When we get […]

How To Ensure A Healthy Start For Your Newborn

Women who are pregnant or wishing to become pregnant want to do everything they can to make sure their baby is given the best chance at a healthy start.  Many parents do this by giving their children important vaccines from the time they are infants to when they turn 2 years old, but did you […]

Minnesota Whooping Cough Cases Reaching High Levels

The Minneapolis StarTribune has reported that whooping cough (pertussis) cases in Minnesota have reached 2,400 for the year 2012, which is the highest level since the 1950s. Many of the cases affect children who have not been vaccinated, prompting Minnesota health officials to recommend whooping cough vaccinations for children.  They also recommend booster shots for […]

Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Cases On The Rise In Minnesota & Wisconsin

Recently within the United States, there has been an outbreak of pertussis, also known as whooping cough.  Of particular concern is the state of Minnesota, from where this blog is being written. As of July 20th, 2012, the Minnesota Department of Health has reported 1,881 confirmed cases of pertussis already this year. Our neighbors to […]