Vaccines Are Not Just For Kids

August is National Immunization Awareness Month! Every year, the National Public Health Information Coalition (NPHIC) spends the month of August educating people on the importance of vaccines. This week, they’re spreading awareness for adults to get vaccinated. Vaccines aren’t just for kids! Here is some helpful information from NPHIC on what adults need to stay healthy: […]

What Vaccinations Your College Freshman Needs To Get Before Fall

Parents who have kids that are heading off to college this fall may be feeling concerned about having their child live elsewhere for the first time in their life.  While parents may worry, young adults are excited to get out there and begin their lives as independent individuals.  However, you may be able to reduce your […]

Rabies is an Increased Risk in the Summer

  Today’s blog brings us to March.  It appears March is coming in like a lion with the snowstorm we had last week, but I’m confidant the snow will melt no matter how impossible that seems.  When the snow does start to melt (I’m crossing my fingers here!) we should notice an influx of wildlife […]

STEP Keeps You Informed, Connected, and Safe

When planning your next vacation it’s easy to get excited about all the amazing experiences you’re going to have and the memories you’ll make that will last a lifetime.  International Travel Care wants to help you make sure all of your memories and experiences are good ones.  It’s important to have travel insurance on big […]