5 Ways To Prevent Measles Outbreaks

Because of rumors and misinformation that suggest vaccinations are unsafe, some parents have been choosing to exercise their right to deny vaccinations for their children. Since this generation’s parents of children didn’t experience for themselves what it was like when measles ran wild in the U.S., it’s understandable that they might not understand the full […]

Foods To Avoid When Traveling Abroad

When traveling abroad this summer, it’s important to be aware of the types of food that are okay to eat and the type of food you should avoid.  Awareness of foods to avoid while in a foreign country will help prevent against Hepatitis A as well as Typhoid; two diseases that are both spread by […]

Vaccinations For Business Travel To India

There are many reasons to visit the beautiful country of India.  Whether you’re a student studying abroad, traveling for business, volunteering, or doing mission work, you’re sure to have a once in a lifetime experience. When traveling such a far distance for business, time becomes even more valuable.  Meetings can’t easily be rescheduled and itineraries must […]

Prepare For Your Mission Trip By Vaccinating

As a travel clinic, we get to hear about all kinds of reasons to take that giant leap across the pond.  About 1/3 of our travelers are adult and child missionaries traveling to poverty stricken countries.  About half of those going on these mission trips are going to Haiti through the organization Healing Haiti.  Haiti […]

Vaccinations for Students Traveling Abroad

Yellow Fever and Typhoid are real threats when traveling abroad.  Even if you are traveling for a short vacation, you should still take precaution as even short term travelers are vulnerable.  Students traveling abroad are at the most risk due to prolonged exposure and should take precaution against yellow and typhoid fever.  Participating in a semester […]