Plan For Typhoid Fever Vaccination Prior to International Summer Travel

The summer travel season is just around the corner. Now is the time to make your travel clinic appointments in order to prepare for your travel health and safety. It is best to make your appointment at least 6 weeks or more prior to departure. International Travel Care will discuss concerns, vaccinations, and medications necessary according […]

TDaP Protects Your Loved Ones During The Holidays

There are certain family members that are at a higher risk of getting sick over the holidays than others.  It’s important to protect your loved ones when they are suddenly exposed to illnesses that they normally wouldn’t encounter.  In this blog, read about the importance of vaccinating and protecting at-risk family members. When we get […]

Three Age Groups Who Should Get Protected Against Measles Before Travel

One disease Americans traveling abroad may not be thinking about is one that has been under control in the U.S. for many years: measles.  However, measles is still a common disease in many parts of the world.  In this blog read about the age groups that should take precaution before engaging in international travel. It […]

6 Items To Include In Your Travel Health Kit

When your student is traveling abroad, it’s not only an opportunity for your child to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure; it’s also an opportunity for you!  Many parents of children studying abroad take this chance to visit their children and have a vacation of their own.  In this case, adults need to take the same precautions […]

Why Women Need To Be Extra Cautious When Traveling

Women of all ages face certain dangers all over the world.  Are you worried about your female student who is traveling abroad next semester?  Being well versed in self defense is important for all women, whether you plan to travel or not.  However, when traveling, tourists seem to have an extra target on their back […]

10 Safe Travel Tips

Are you about to be a first-time traveler in a foreign country?  Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, or this is your first trip abroad, it’s important to follow safety tips when in an unfamiliar area.  By following the 10 safety tips in this blog, you’ll have a safe and enjoyable trip no matter where you […]

Are You Concerned About The Safety Of Your Child While Studying Abroad?

Do you have a student traveling abroad this year?  You may be wondering what you can do to keep your child safe as far as their health goes, but don’t know where to start.  International Travel Care is a travel clinic that has consulted with thousands of world travelers on the vaccinations they need to […]

2 Ways International Travel Care Makes It Easy To Get The Flu Shot

Every year it is recommended to get an annual flu shot to protect you and your family against the influenza virus.  However, every year many people don’t get vaccinated for the two reasons, of which this blog addresses. Most people, especially families with kids, get a flu shot every year.  The vaccination consists of dead […]

2 Ways Flu Clinics Keep You From Missing Work Days

Continuing on International Travel Care’s series on why you and your family should get vaccinated against the flu, this week we’re going to talk about how influenza can really put a wrench in your daily life.  In this blog, read about how the flu vaccine can keep parents at work and kids at school, and […]

Influenza Could Put These Family Members In The Hospital

Influenza puts infants and people with chronic conditions in a vulnerable state.  In this second blog on my series on why you should get vaccinated against the flu, you will read about why it’s especially important to protect these family members this flu season. People with chronic illnesses and infants, as well as the people […]