Worried About A Child Traveling Overseas? These 3 Things Will Calm Your Fears

So you’ve just found out that your son or daughter is going to spend next semester studying abroad. How exciting! And pretty much immediately I bet the excitement wore off and you started to worry. Though your kids are technically adults and living out of the house, it’s likely you’ll spend the rest of your […]

6 Reasons To Buy Travel Insurance

June is National Safety Month! If you’re traveling this summer, you’ll want to make sure you take all of the proper precautions. Some things aren’t preventable, no matter how hard you try. That’s why there’s travel insurance! In this blog, read about the 6 reasons travel insurance is needed in addition to your regular U.S. […]

The Benefits Of Purchasing Travel Insurance

Did you know that your current health insurance might not work the same in other countries as it does here in the United States? Many people purchase travel insurance to ensure they are taken care of in the event of a medical emergency. In this blog, learn more about the benefits of travel insurance and […]

STEP Keeps You Informed, Connected, and Safe

When planning your next vacation it’s easy to get excited about all the amazing experiences you’re going to have and the memories you’ll make that will last a lifetime.  International Travel Care wants to help you make sure all of your memories and experiences are good ones.  It’s important to have travel insurance on big […]