2 Types Of Travelers That Need Vaccinations

Our world is frozen, there’s a couple of feet of snow on the ground, and we’re all waiting for the next sub-zero cold snap to hit us yet again. Does it help to hear that spring break is right around the corner? One way to anticipate the arrival of spring is to plan a vacation! […]

Be Protected Against Hep A for Spring Break Travels

Spring break is right around the corner!  It’s time for a break from the cold, snow, and ice.  Whether you’re using that time to enjoy some fun in the sun or you’re off on a mission trip, it’s important to be protected against the Hepatitis A virus (HAV).  HAV is found in the stool of people […]

Spring Break and Mission Trip Vaccinations

There is still plenty of snow on the ground, the memories of the holidays are still fresh in our minds, and it seems impossible that in a few short months our world will thaw out and become green again.  As Minnesotans, we take a certain pride in being able to survive our harsh winters.  We […]