How To Prevent Enterovirus D68

There has been a lot of talk in the news about a non-polio enterovirus affecting children and teens. This respiratory virus is more serious than the common cold and could lead to hospitalization. While there isn’t a vaccine for enterovirus D68, we thought we would share some helpful information with you to prevent the disease […]

Vaccinate And Stop The Comeback Of Preventable Diseases

Vaccinations have done a great job of preventing diseases in the U.S. However, the combination of unvaccinated people and the ease of which world travel occurs, some diseases are making a comeback. In this blog, read about the importance of vaccinating against preventable diseases. Measles was all but eradicated. Recently, however, we have seen a […]

Polio May Be A Threat While Traveling

Thanks to vaccinations, Polio is not something that U.S. citizens consider an immediate threat.  In 1916 the epidemic began with 33,000 reported cases and by the early 1950’s there were 25,000 cases reported each year.  In 1955 vaccinating for the polio virus began and by 1979 the U.S. was down to 10 reported cases.  Since we […]