Plan For Typhoid Fever Vaccination Prior to International Summer Travel

The summer travel season is just around the corner. Now is the time to make your travel clinic appointments in order to prepare for your travel health and safety. It is best to make your appointment at least 6 weeks or more prior to departure. International Travel Care will discuss concerns, vaccinations, and medications necessary according […]

Prepare For Your Mission Trip By Vaccinating

As a travel clinic, we get to hear about all kinds of reasons to take that giant leap across the pond.  About 1/3 of our travelers are adult and child missionaries traveling to poverty stricken countries.  About half of those going on these mission trips are going to Haiti through the organization Healing Haiti.  Haiti […]

Get Your “Yellow Card” At International Travel Care

For those of you who have used International Travel Care’s services, you know the value that we add to the safety and fun of your next vacation.  However, it can be a little difficult to describe who we are to friends and family that wonder why you don’t just go to your regular physician. International […]

Malaria Is Transmitted By Mosquitos

During this warming up period of spring in Minnesota, I can’t help but get excited about all the emerging life.  Trees will soon start to bud, the ground will dry out and grass will start to grow, and flowers will add a little color to our world.  Spring is also the time we spend catching […]

Typhoid Fever And Mission Trips

Typhoid fever is a concern in some countries that travelers should be made aware of prior to departure.  Over the summer students will pack their bags, pack their cameras, hug parents goodbye and will trek off to another part of the world to help make a developing country a better place.  Whether it’s for church, college credit, […]