4 Vaccine Preventable Diseases From Bugs & Animals

Part of the adventure of world travel is encountering new and exotic animals and bugs.  However, these new experiences are also what can put travelers at risk. In this blog, read about the vaccines you need to protect yourself against diseases you can get from bugs and animals. Whether you’re hiking through the jungle or […]

The Risks Of Choosing Natural Over Prescription Anti-Malarial Medications

Homeopathic and natural medicines have their place in our health, but not in the case of combating a potentially deadly disease, such as Malaria.  Some natural drugs and prevention treatments may not be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which means they aren’t scientifically proven to work.  In the case of traveling to […]

Malaria Is Transmitted By Mosquitos

During this warming up period of spring in Minnesota, I can’t help but get excited about all the emerging life.  Trees will soon start to bud, the ground will dry out and grass will start to grow, and flowers will add a little color to our world.  Spring is also the time we spend catching […]