4 Vaccine Preventable Diseases From Bugs & Animals

Part of the adventure of world travel is encountering new and exotic animals and bugs.  However, these new experiences are also what can put travelers at risk. In this blog, read about the vaccines you need to protect yourself against diseases you can get from bugs and animals. Whether you’re hiking through the jungle or […]

How To Prevent JE When Your Military Family Is Stationed Abroad

People in the military who are stationed overseas, particularly in parts of Asia, have different vaccination needs for their infants and toddlers than people in the U.S.  What I want to focus on for this week’s blog is Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and the vaccination that can help safeguard your children against the disease. About Japanese […]

How To Keep Mosquitos Away For 6 Weeks

Prior to traveling abroad to Asian countries, it is imperative to check if the countries on your itinerary are countries with incidents of Japanese Encephalitis. Many people have found success in keeping bugs from biting by using bug repellant as an added precaution bites from infected mosquitos,along with getting vaccinated against Japanese Encephalitis.  In this […]