Who Should Get A Flu Shot?

There have been a lot of questions regarding the 2014/2015 flu season. Year after year, it’s important to examine your situation to see if you need to get a flu shot. While there’s no way to predict how this year’s flu season is going to be, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Influenza is […]

Influenza Status: Widespread. It’s Not Too Late To Get Your Shot

Did you know that even though our Minnesota world is frozen right now, there is still a high chance of getting the flu? It’s not too late to get a flu shot to protect yourself from the strains going around this year. After reading this blog, you’ll know the importance of getting a flu shot. […]

How International Travel Care Makes Getting The Flu Vaccine Simple

We’re getting frost consistently every morning, fall is in full swing, and flu season is upon us.  I’ve even heard rumors of sniffles going around!  Yet, some families have yet to get their flu shot.  It’s better late than never, even if you wait until February.  Flu season can last late into winter and when […]

2 Ways International Travel Care Makes It Easy To Get The Flu Shot

Every year it is recommended to get an annual flu shot to protect you and your family against the influenza virus.  However, every year many people don’t get vaccinated for the two reasons, of which this blog addresses. Most people, especially families with kids, get a flu shot every year.  The vaccination consists of dead […]

2 Ways Flu Clinics Keep You From Missing Work Days

Continuing on International Travel Care’s series on why you and your family should get vaccinated against the flu, this week we’re going to talk about how influenza can really put a wrench in your daily life.  In this blog, read about how the flu vaccine can keep parents at work and kids at school, and […]

Influenza Could Put These Family Members In The Hospital

Influenza puts infants and people with chronic conditions in a vulnerable state.  In this second blog on my series on why you should get vaccinated against the flu, you will read about why it’s especially important to protect these family members this flu season. People with chronic illnesses and infants, as well as the people […]

Protect Your Family From The Flu This Year

The flu season is here and it’s only a matter of time until the first case is reported.  Have you gotten your annual flu vaccine yet?  Because it’s a topic that is accompanied by several of questions and concerns, I’m going to start a blog series over the next five weeks listing out 10 reasons […]

Getting The Flu From The Flu Vaccine: Dispelling The Myth

Most people protect themselves from influenza each year by getting a flu vaccine, however, some people are wary because of the side effects.  Often times, these side effects are mistaken for the flu, putting the idea into vaccine recipients’ heads that they got the flu from the flu vaccine.  After reading this blog, you’ll understand […]

4 Benefits Of Hosting A Flu Vaccine Clinic At Your Business

Fall brings on the end of summer vacation and is Minnesota’s universal time to hit the ground running and get back to work.  However, during a time when companies are trying to be their most productive, fall also marks the time when production is lost due to sick days and employees taking days off to […]

4 Flu Vaccine Options

When you call to make an appointment for your flu vaccine this year, you may run into a little more confusion than previous years.  No longer is getting vaccinated a one-size fits all prevention remedy against influenza.  In this blog, read about the 4 different flu vaccine options available so you know the right one […]