Summer Travel and Vaccines; Plan Ahead!

Travel image worldIf you are traveling this summer to certain countries in Africa or South America, now is the time to consider receiving your Yellow Fever vaccine. Many of these countries require that you show proof of your Yellow Fever vaccine. Once you get your Yellow Fever shot, International Travel Care will give you a “Yellow Card” that has all your information on it, along with the International Travel Care clinic information and Yellow Fever stamp, which verifies you indeed have had your Yellow Fever vaccine.

But here’s the thing about summer….It’s crazy busy at our clinic and every other travel clinic in the Twin Cities. So many people travel outside of the United States over the summer. Not only are patients/travelers receiving Yellow Fever vaccines, but they are also receiving other vaccines for travel such as Typhoid, Polio, Japanese Encephalitis, etc.. Your vaccines administered depends on your travel itinerary and activities planned while traveling abroad. Also, please keep in mind that sometimes things happen with vaccine supplies, in that there can be a shortage of needed vaccines. Unfortunately, over the last two years the United States experienced a shortage of Yellow Fever and Typhoid. It was not only unfortunate for the travelers, but also for the clinics that provide travel vaccines.

My point in this blog is that I highly recommend if you have plans to travel abroad this summer, please make your appointment early. Not only for reasons due to shortage of vaccines, but also for reasons of building immunity post vaccine. For example, seroconversion is up to 100% 14 days post Yellow Fever vaccine. If you receive your vaccines a day before departure, you at least have something protecting you, but not like the protection that is provided if you receive your vaccines 2 weeks or more (preferably more) prior to departure. Actually, vaccine experts recommend receiving your vaccines 6 or more weeks prior to departure.

International Travel Care has already seen a big increase in appointment scheduling this past week. Patients are getting ready for their mission trips, study abroad, family vacations, etc.. Our mission at International Travel Care is to best protect our patients through patient education and by providing the appropriate vaccines and medications needed for your travel needs. We look forward to helping you prepare for your travel health and safety!  Call to set up your appointment,  952-405-8812.

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