International Travel Care provides comprehensive medical services to business and leisure travelers. We provide a one stop care center for all your international travel needs. We provide our travelers with education, vaccinations/immunizations and medications to help protect from diseases. We also have difficult to find travel products and supplies to help keep our clients healthy and safe.

Our primary services include:

We provide travel health consulting and vaccination services for:

  • Business Travelers
  • Travelers studying abroad
  • Missions or Church Travelers
  • Leisure or Vacation Travelers

Volunteering on a mission trip?

Be sure to prepare yourself or group, for health and safety prior to traveling abroad. Travelers who volunteer on mission trips have greater health risks than ordinary tourists. Often volunteers  travel to more remote locations, stay for longer periods of time, and have closer contacts with local populations. International Travel Care will educate, vaccinate, and provide for appropriate medical recommendations according to your mission trip destination.