What is Rabies?

Rabies is a virus that affects the central nervous system of those who have been infected. This virus affects warm-blooded mammals, including humans. It is transmitted in the saliva of infected animals, although some have been infected via non-bite exposure. If an animal bite is not treated immediately and the bite victim develops symptoms of rabies, it is nearly always fatal. Anyone who has been bitten must seek immediate medical  treatment to avoid developing rabies.

Rabies Pre-Exposure Vaccination

People who work with rabies in laboratory settings and animal control and wildlife officers are just a few of the people who should consider rabies pre-exposure vaccinations.

If you are traveling to a country where rabies is widespread, International Travel Care will consult with you about the possibility of receiving pre-exposure vaccination against rabies.

Consider pre-exposure vaccination if:

  • Your planned activity will bring you into contact with wild or domestic animals, for example if you are a biologist, veterinarian, or agriculture specialist working with animals.
  • You will be visiting remote areas where medical care is difficult to obtain or may be delayed, for example, hiking through remote villages where dogs are common.
  • Your stay is longer than 1 month in an area where dog rabies is common. The longer your stay, the greater the chance of an encounter with an animal.

Although pre-exposure immunization does not eliminate the need for additional therapy after a rabies exposure, it simplifies management by eliminating the need for rabies immune globulin and decreasing the number of doses of vaccine needed. This is of particular importance for persons at high risk for exposure to rabies in areas where immunizing products might not be available or where lesser quality biologics might be used which would place the exposed person at increased risk for adverse events.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis may also protect people whose post-exposure therapy is delayed and provide protection to people who are at risk for unapparent exposures to rabies. (Reference CDC)

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