Frequently Asked Questions

How is International Travel Care different from my regular family physician?

International Travel Care is a one-stop destination for those traveling internationally. Our Travel Medicine Specialists educate our clients about health, safety, and security while traveling, recommend and administer vaccines and medications, and provide for specialty travel health products.  Each traveler will receive a comprehensive individualized destination-specific consultation that covers everything from food and water precautions to how to properly guard against mosquitoes that carry deadly diseases like malaria and dengue fever. If vaccinations are administered, you will receive an International Certificate of Immunization, otherwise known as a “yellow card”.

Which travel vaccinations will I need?

At International Travel Care, a Travel Medical Specialist, will individualize travel medicine recommendations according to your specific health history, travel itinerary, and activities planned abroad, to help minimize your risk of exposure to infection.

I leave on my trip next week. Is it too late to get any vaccinations?

Ideally it is best to make your appointment 4 – 6 weeks prior to your departure, or earlier. Some vaccines are a series of vaccines to obtain optimal effect. Also, time will allow good levels of anti-bodies to be built within your system. However, some vaccines offer protection even when given last minute. A Travel Medicine Specialist will teach you about vaccines as well as other ways to stay healthy and safe while traveling abroad. There is other important information to be aware of such as food and water safety, avoiding mosquito bites, evacuation medical insurance, and traveler’s diarrhea.

I am visiting the country where I was born. Am I still immune, and do I need to be vaccinated?

People born in foreign countries lose most of their antibodies or natural protection soon after they leave their country of which they were born. Many foreign countries’ immunization standards differ from that of the United States; therefore, prior to visiting your native country, it is imperative to receive the proper vaccinations to prevent disease.

What should I bring to my appointment?

It is best to bring your immunization record. Some travelers already have an International Certificate of Vaccination  (ICV), or “yellow  card”, which is a record of immunizations already completed. If you do not already have an ICV, International Travel Care will provide you with an ICV at the completion of your appointment, stating which immunizations were completed at your appointment. If you do not have records of immunizations or vaccinations, contact  your primary physician, school nurse, or parents to gain such information prior to your appointment.

Also, please see the Download Forms section in our website. Download and fill out both consent and health history forms prior to your appointment.

How much will my appointment cost?

The cost of your appointment depends on the vaccinations that you choose to receive, or which vaccinations are needed according to your health history and travel itinerary.

Does my insurance cover vaccines and medicines for foreign travel?

Most health insurance plans do not cover travel vaccines and medicines.  International Travel Care does not accept any medical insurance plans. However, we do  provide you with a receipt that has all the detailed  information you need in order to submit your claim. Check with your insurance company to determine what is covered by your policy.  If immunizations, consultations, and medications  for foreign travel are covered under your plan, your insurance company may reimburse you for some of the cost. Medicare does not cover any vaccines or medicines for foreign travel. Also, Flexible Health Care Spending Plan funds may be used to cover the cost of our services.