On-Site Flu Shot Clinics for Schools, Churches, Communities, and Organizations

Keep your students, teachers, staff, and community members healthy during flu season. Set up a flu vaccination clinic for your school or organization today!

Why Host a Flu Shot Clinic for your organization with International Travel Care?

  • Reduce sick days for students, teachers, staff, and community members. Up to 20% of the US population gets sick with the flu each year. Children miss 38 million school days due to influenza.
  • 44 million days of work are missed, including days when parents stay home to care for children who have influenza.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Reduce disruptions in the learning process, missed educational opportunities, or delays in planned activities.
  • Show your teachers, students, and organization members you care about their health.
  • Convenient on-site clinics and flexible hours.

International Travel Care Flu Vaccination Programs Include:

  • On-site administration of flu vaccine with immunization-trained Registered Nurses.
  • Complete coordination, registration, set-up, education, and administration of the clinic.
  • Self-pay at time of service.

Help Members of Your Organization, Church, or Community, Stay Healthy and Well!

International Travel Care Tailors Immunization Services to Meet your Organization’s Needs. Schedule a Flu Shot Clinic for Your Organization. Call 952-405-8812 or submit the form listed below.

Schedule a Flu Shot Clinic

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More questions about Influenza? Visit our web page about Flu and what is new for 2013-2014 flu season:    http://www.intltravelcare.com/influenza-flu/