Are You Concerned About The Safety Of Your Child While Studying Abroad?

Do you have a student traveling abroad this year?  You may be wondering what you can do to keep your child safe as far as their health goes, but don’t know where to start.  International Travel Care is a travel clinic that has consulted with thousands of world travelers on the vaccinations they need to […]

Rabies Pre-exposure Vaccination

With summer travel just around the corner (crossing my fingers here, will the snow ever stop!?) I wanted to touch on rabies again this week.  During the summer there is an influx of Minnesotans just itching to take advantage of our beautiful weather.  Whether you’re camping, at the cabin, or at the dog park this […]

Rabies is an Increased Risk in the Summer

  Today’s blog brings us to March.  It appears March is coming in like a lion with the snowstorm we had last week, but I’m confidant the snow will melt no matter how impossible that seems.  When the snow does start to melt (I’m crossing my fingers here!) we should notice an influx of wildlife […]