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4 Flu Vaccine Options

When you call to make an appointment for your flu vaccine this year, you may run into a little more confusion than previous years.  No longer is getting vaccinated a one-size fits all prevention remedy against influenza.  In this blog, read about the 4 different flu vaccine options available so you know the right one […]

Meningitis: Required Vaccination For Pilgrimage To Mecca

For those of the Muslim religion, fall means the time has come for the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia for Hajj.  Hajj takes place from approximately October 13th – October 18th.  Mass gatherings, such as Hajj, contain unique health risks due to the large groups of people in close quarters.  In this blog, I […]

How To Prevent JE When Your Military Family Is Stationed Abroad

People in the military who are stationed overseas, particularly in parts of Asia, have different vaccination needs for their infants and toddlers than people in the U.S.  What I want to focus on for this week’s blog is Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and the vaccination that can help safeguard your children against the disease. About Japanese […]

How To Keep Mosquitos Away For 6 Weeks

Prior to traveling abroad to Asian countries, it is imperative to check if the countries on your itinerary are countries with incidents of Japanese Encephalitis. Many people have found success in keeping bugs from biting by using bug repellant as an added precaution bites from infected mosquitos,along with getting vaccinated against Japanese Encephalitis.  In this […]

The Risks Of Choosing Natural Over Prescription Anti-Malarial Medications

Homeopathic and natural medicines have their place in our health, but not in the case of combating a potentially deadly disease, such as Malaria.  Some natural drugs and prevention treatments may not be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which means they aren’t scientifically proven to work.  In the case of traveling to […]

Foods To Avoid When Traveling Abroad

When traveling abroad this summer, it’s important to be aware of the types of food that are okay to eat and the type of food you should avoid.  Awareness of foods to avoid while in a foreign country will help prevent against Hepatitis A as well as Typhoid; two diseases that are both spread by […]

Flu Vaccinations May Be In Limited Supply Next Year

The last thing I want to do is talk about next winter, especially when this last winter still has its claws firmly hooked into our backs, but I think it’s important to talk about the flu season early this year.  In 2012 the FDA approved quadrivalent flu vaccines.  The quadrivalent flu vaccine will offer protection against […]

Vaccinations For Business Travel To India

There are many reasons to visit the beautiful country of India.  Whether you’re a student studying abroad, traveling for business, volunteering, or doing mission work, you’re sure to have a once in a lifetime experience. When traveling such a far distance for business, time becomes even more valuable.  Meetings can’t easily be rescheduled and itineraries must […]

Prepare For Your Mission Trip By Vaccinating

As a travel clinic, we get to hear about all kinds of reasons to take that giant leap across the pond.  About 1/3 of our travelers are adult and child missionaries traveling to poverty stricken countries.  About half of those going on these mission trips are going to Haiti through the organization Healing Haiti.  Haiti […]

Get Your “Yellow Card” At International Travel Care

For those of you who have used International Travel Care’s services, you know the value that we add to the safety and fun of your next vacation.  However, it can be a little difficult to describe who we are to friends and family that wonder why you don’t just go to your regular physician. International […]