About International Travel Care

Our Mission

International Travel Care will strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing educational, up to date, friendly, convenient, and affordable consultations, immunizations/vaccinations, travel medicines and supplies, in order to support our clients’ health and safety. International Travel Care is committed to offering each client the most comprehensive travel health package at a reasonable and competitive cost.

Who We Serve

International Travel Care works with individual clients and a variety of groups, such as business people, students studying abroad, church and mission groups, the military, and other organizations who may be traveling outside of the United States for various reasons. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it is imperative to consider your health and safety as part of your to-do list prior to traveling.

Although we specialize in travel health, we also provide for routine and/or standard vaccinations and vaccination boosters, in order to keep our clients and communities healthy and safe from diseases prevalent abroad as well as within the United States.

Our travel health clinic serves the entire Twin Cities metro area (Minneapolis/St. Paul) of Minnesota; also surrounding cities (Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Edina) and greater Minnesota and Wisconsin (St. Cloud, Rochester) areas.

What We Do

Our staff of Registered Nurses are Travel Health Specialists, specifically trained in travel health and medicine. The RN will assess your medical history, length of stay, type of travel and itinerary. The RN will then individualize your health consultation, recommend vaccinations, medications, and provide other up to date health and safety advice. Our RNs are under the direction of Dr. Sirri Nomo-Ongolo, who specializes in Travel Medicine.